Thursday, March 20, 2014

Helis Oil & Gas Wildcats In The TMS-Far East

New Orleans-based production and exploration company, Helis Oil & Gas, has applied for a TMS unit in St. Tammany Parish.  This definitely is a TMS wildcat.  For reference, it's 64 miles from the Anderson locations.  The unit falls directly on the -13000' contour.

Congrats to Helis for investing in the play.  It's amazing to see small independents like Goodrich, Encana, Halcon, and Helis pioneering this emerging oil play. From a geologic standpoint, this will be an interesting location.  I will post some technical details in the week ahead.

TMS Play; Helis TMS unit (Source: LA Office of Conservation)

I've added it to Google Maps

Good luck to my Northshore friends!!
St. Tammany Parish Courthouse, load up on the printer paper...the landmen are coming.....


  1. Can anyone tell me if the leasing activity in S. St. Landry Parish is related to the Tuscaloosa Trend

  2. Paul, I don't believe that that would be for the TMS