Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Goodrich Blades 33H-1 - Upcoming Result

There's been a lot of positive "chatter" about the Goodrich Blades 33H-1 well that is now flowing back oil.  Based on the vertical wells in the area, a good result is expected.  It appears that the drilling and completion went very well. The log below is from a well four miles west of the Blades 33H-1.  Calculated pay totals approximately 94'. That compares well to the Anderson area and less than the Crosby 12H-1 (122').


  1. May the "Petroleum God" bless this well and the TMS play overall. It time for Goodrich to have another home run.

    ~ ~ John

  2. It's about time for EnCana and other operators to get their acts together in the TMS play!

    *** JLP

  3. Jimmie,
    These operators have already spent an enormous amount of capital in this region. I estimate that Encana has spent $300 million to date in the project. This is not an easy task.

  4. How many wells have they completed to date? And their projected completions for 2014. There is un-leased mineral right land in Amite County, in and around, the completed Anderson's wells. Any ideal when an operator will be interested in leasing the mineral rights of these plots of lands?


  5. Jimmie,
    Encana is about to be at 15 completions. They have announced a budget of $125-150 million this year. Email me the information on the unleased lands.