Sunday, April 6, 2014

TMS Historical Obstacles

In November, 2010, as I commenced the "TMS Tour", these four obstacles were concerns of my target group of operators.  Here's my current perspective on each:

1.Too much clay
• Not an issue with regards to the producibility of this reservoir
• Clay increases vertically from the base of the TMS as you transition into deeper facies until reaching the maximum flooding surface (MFS).  The TMS high-TOC reservoir interval does not have a high percentage of swelling clay.
• Total clay and swelling clays have been confused
2.TOC is too low
• Range: 1-4
• Initial rates, produced volumes, and decline curves confirm that this is not an issue.
3.Hydraulic fracturing will “frac down” into the wet Tuscaloosa sands below
• Not aware of any well that has high water production indicating that this has occurred.
• Several pilot holes took conventional core below the TMS and confirm very high frac gradients.
4.Too expensive and uneconomic
• Final hurdle for the play
• Only 34 completions to date

• Would rather have mechanical challenges than reservoir rock challenges

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