Friday, October 3, 2014

Encana Raises The Bar

The MSOGB has an initial test reported for the Encana Lyons 35H-2.  On a per 1000' lateral basis, this is a record setter. The Encana Anderson 17H-2 had a similar test, but didn't have significant follow on production.  The 35H-2 only had a lateral length of 5200' and initially tested 1337 bo x 1075 mcfg (1516 boepd).  This almost surpasses the best IP of any length. The chart below depicts the initial tests on a 1000' lateral basis.  Note both the consistency from recent tests along with the cluster of recent activity.  The wells are presented chronologically based on spud date.



  1. Kirk:

    Can you comment on the significance, if any, of a GOR < 90%?

  2. Warrland,
    I'm not clear on what a GOR < 90% means. Please confirm.

  3. Kirk:

    Did not mean to be confusing - what I was alluding to was actually the oil ratio to total product measured on boe - 1337/1516 < 90% oil fraction in this well.

  4. Warrland,
    GOR usually increases with depth (e.g. more gas at greater depths). The GOR for the Lyons 35H-2 fits the current GOR contour quite well. Some recent wells (SLC, BG94) have anomalously low GORs. I'm still evaluating these and attempting to confirm a theory