Monday, June 1, 2015

Initial Potential vs 6 Month Cumulative

Admittedly, the initial potential (IP) of a well does not provide the best indicator of future performance or estimated ultimate recovery (EUR).  With that said, it's the best information available to make a first determination of the potential of a well. The chart below compares the IP to the total of the first six months of oil/gas production.  There is a nice linear relationship, but there are several wells that deviate far from the "best fit" line.  For instance, the Pintard 28H-2 has performed much better than it's IP.  The CMR/FC 20-7 hasn't lived up to it's IP. The Blackstone 4H-2 had a very high IP, but didn't track to a great first six months of production.  With 71 producers, this guideline can be used for future IP's with the understanding that there can be great variability. Most importantly, the operator has a lot of "range" when submitting the IP details to the regulatory agencies.  

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