Thursday, June 1, 2017

EOG/Sentry Spuds Austin Chalk Well

Sentry/EOG spud the Eagles Ranch 14H-1 on May 23. With a planned measured depth of 21900', it will be interesting to see how long it takes to drill this well. In the Eagle Ford and Permian, EOG has set records for drilling time.

Drilling Report
DROVE 20" TO 177' W/ 143' PENETRATION; SPUD 5/23/17; DRLD; RAN SURFACE HOLE QUAD COMBO LOGS; RAN 13 3/8" CSG TO 2704' W/ 2465 SXS; TSTD BOP'S TO 250 LOW / 5000 HIGH ON 5/28/17; TSTD CSG; (BOP INFO: ANNULAR, GK, 13 5/8", HYDRIL, 5M; RAMS: TYPE U, 5", CAMERON, 10M);

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