Friday, August 18, 2017

Sentry (EOG) Eagles Ranch 14H-1 - Drilling Update

Sentry Energy Services (EOG) has completed the drilling process on the Eagles Ranch 14H-1. Note that a pilot hole was drilled before kicking out horizontally.  The drill times compare with the Louisiana Austin Chalk drilling phase that occurred in 2011.  A permit has been filed for the frac job. It sounds like 4288' will be the perf range.

Finally the rumors have started and the mineral buying speculators have shown up.  As always, they range from gusher to dry hole.  Always entertaining.

The first significant data point will appear 30-60 days after the frac job completes. Until then, we'll all have to be patient.  Note that this new Austin Chalk approach is different from the historical "naturally fractured" play. Review the prior posts regarding the Karnes Trough.

Drill times: Eagles Ranch 14H-1 compared to 2011 Louisiana Austin Chalk wells

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  1. Morning Keith,
    I found this address for anyone interested in keeping up with this well as it moves along.
    Enjoy your day

  2. Kirk,

    Thanks for the excellent information you have posted. My family owns property in St Landry Parish, currently leased to Sentry/EOG about 12 miles south of the N Bayou Jack Field. As you say the speculators are out as we were recently approached to purchase the mineral rights. You mentioned in an earlier post that EOG/Sentry has 10 wells permitted for Avoyelles/St. Landry Parish. I looked on SONRIS and only found the Eagles Ranch 14H-1 in Avoyelles - none were listed for Sentry in St Landry parish. Am I missing something?

  3. In that post, I noted that the additional permits were rumored. You are correct that only one well exists on SONRIS. stay tuned