Tuesday, November 7, 2017

EOG Eagles Ranch 14H-1 - New Tests

Some additional tests have been released on SONRIS for the Eagles Ranch well. All three tests display quite a range in rates for oil, gas, and water.  The obvious question is, "which one should I believe?".  Not to "beat a dead horse", but the initial tests aren't that significant.....unless you're a "flipper" that just outbid competitors on some hot acreage.  If you have to have a number, I would recommend averaging the three. Note the choke size on each. 

The consistencies to note are the GOR and water/oil ratio.  The water might alarm some, but note in my second table the cumulative production for the Austin Chalk fields on trend to the west.  The ratio in the Eagles Ranch is lower than all five fields. 

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  1. What is an SDM20 Report (See 11/29/17) - I am not familiar with that form.