Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Louisiana Austin Chalk Results - Managing Expectations

The interest, anxiety, and expectations regarding the initial potential of the ConocoPhillips McKowen #1 are very high. 

I call the new Austin Chalk play across Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi "Austin Chalk 3.0".  Austin Chalk 1.0 was drilling vertical wells in search of natural fractures. Austin Chalk 2.0 was drilling horizontal wells across areas of known vertical fractures.  Austin Chalk 3.0 is targeting thick, saturated rock with higher matrix porosity.  For this reason, one can "wipe the map clean" of all prior Austin Chalk producers. More importantly, one might stay away from areas with good naturally-fractured production.  A large proppant hydraulic fracturing job on produced fractures is likely to produce significant water.  To date in Louisiana, we only have one Austin Chalk 3.0 completion, the EOG Eagles Ranch 14H-1 in Avoyelles Parish.

Austin Chalk 3.0 has been very active over the past year in the southwestern corner of Giddings Field.  The focus area is where the Austin Chalk historically didn't produce well.  It also is an area exhibiting higher porosities.  

The chart below illustrates results from the top 21 wells in southwestern Giddings Field.  It compares the initial potential on a BOEPD basis for 1000' of perforated interval.  The best results range from 300-540 boepd/1000'.  The EOG Eagles Ranch 14H-1 produced 309 boepd/1000'. This chart will be updated once the McKowen #1 results are known.

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