Sunday, June 30, 2019

PetroQuest Energy OLP LLC et al #1

PetroQuest Energy has commenced drilling on its vertical Austin Chalk pilot well in Pointe Coupee Parish. They plan to obtain a conventional core in the well.  The well is permitted to a total depth of 15,840'.  The location is just south of the Fredericksburg Shelf Edge.  

It will offset two Austin Chalk producers.  The UPRC Lacour #1, drilled in 1994, produced 87 mbo and 28 mmcfg.  This was during the Austin Chalk 2.0 era when the concept was to drill horizontal wellbores across clusters of natural fractures.  To the east of the PetroQuest well is the Anadarko Lacour #43.  Note that UPRC became part of Anadarko in 2000.  UPRC was the Austin Chalk "guru" at Giddings Field for many years.  The Anadarko Lacour #43 was drilled in 2011 during a "mini boom" in the Austin Chalk that came across Louisiana.  Anadarko leased 280,000 acres in Louisiana for the play in 2010-11.  I, along with several partners, drilled three Austin Chalk wells in southern Avoyelles Parish adjacent to Anadarko's position.  None of us had success. Despite an exciting initial potential, the Lacour #43 had a rapid production decline due to producing from natural fractures.  Once the fractures deplete, it's "game over".  

If a horizontal eventually gets drilled in this area, it will be interesting to see the response from a high-proppant frac on the natural fractures.  Good matrix porosity with some fractures could be "magical" formula.  The base of the Austin Chalk in an offset well contains 40' of high log-calculated TOC.


  1. Anadarko’s Lacour 43 had casing issues. Tubing was pulled out of the hole that looked like it had been ran over by a steam roller. After that the well did 10BWPD & 10BOPD. It was a beast at IP.

  2. I believe that this well is an excellent example of natural fracture-based production...amazing initial production with a very rapid decline (e.g. fracture depletion)

  3. i own property west of, ar they going to do the horrizontal and fract