Friday, July 19, 2019

Austin Chalk Eras

The Austin Chalk first produced in Texas in 1922.  The real first active era of drilling was during the 1970-80's drilling boom.  Most of the wells were vertical in search of naturally occurring fractures in the chalk.  That era ended with the crash in oil prices.

Austin Chalk 2.0 kicked off in 1990 with the advent of horizontal drilling.  This era saw hundreds of wells drilled horizontally in search of intersecting more naturally occurring fractures.  Giddings Field in Texas was heavily drilled during this time.  Austin Chalk 3.0 kicked off approximately in 2016 with the new strategy of hydraulically fracturing areas with higher porosity and hydrocarbon saturation.  Ironically, the most active areas in Texas today are where poor results were found in the 1990's.  Hence, find the porosity and saturation, not the abundant natural fractures.

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