Tuesday, July 9, 2019

EOG Throws A Curve Ball

A couple of months ago I received phone calls with the rumor that EOG was drilling a Wilcox well in Pointe Coupee Parish.  I responded "that's nonsense".  A few weeks ago, EOG filed a permit for a 17100' vertical hole targeting the Austin Chalk (permit below).  Yesterday on SONRIS, plans for a Wilcox test and possibly plans for a Wilcox horizontal well were revealed.  Never say never.  There are some "wildcatters" left in the industry it appears. 

Based on offset wells, EOG plans to perforate and frac a 20" zone in the Lower Wilcox from 13450-70'.  Logs from an offset well are presented below with an estimated correlation for the two targeted zones.  Logs haven't been released on the Brunswick as of today.

The SONRIS data indicates that a horizontal might be drilled with the lateral covering 13062'-18205'.  If 13062' is the TVD, then the lateral will be ~388' above the vertical perforated zone.  EOG's plan should become more clear in the coming weeks.

This target zone represents early Wilcox progradational, lowstand sands with repetitive coarsening upward parasequences.  The Wilcox sands are "dirty" and low permeability with a very complex mineralogy.  They also have very diverse clays and determining "pay" and water on logs can be very challenging.  

This is clearly a "wild" test.  I'm perplexed, but hopeful that a new shallow, oil-bearing unconventional target gets added to the LAMS Stack.  Maybe we'll reach a "Permian-like" 3000' hydrocarbon column after all!


  1. With a stack play with two or maybe three producible strata, how much does shared infrastructure help the economics? The ironwood well is fairly close to the beech grove well, not one of the better producers. Was the problem with this well geology, mechanical or part of the learning curve of fracking this field?
    Thanks for being such a good resource

  2. A pad is this area can cost over $1 million. So the 2nd target saves $1 million on location costs. The Beech Grove result was due to geological reasons