Monday, April 4, 2011

Devon Energy Proposes 1st TMS Unit

The next era of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Play appears to be "officially" started. Devon Energy has filed for their first Tuscaloosa Marine Shale unit.  The proposed 720 acre unit is located in East Feliciana Parish, LA just east of the town of Ethel.  Based on the location, it appears that Devon is "going deep" early in the play.  Based on information from the existing well in the proposed unit, the base of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale occurs at an average measured depth of 14,900' across the proposed unit.  With the addition of a lateral wellbore of 5280', the potential total measured depth of the 1st well could be up to 20,380'.

For a detailed review of the unit, click here:


  1. Exciting news, Kirk. The key will be whether they have come up with a frac program that will not only establish, but sustain a commercial rate of production. Encore's three stage fracs established good rates at the beginning, but their production rates declined too fast. Hopefully, Devon will plan an extensive diamond core program, like Encore did in two of its wells, and then they'll be able to science it more successfully. This well will be critical to the near term future of the play, since Encore's failures hurt the plays image for several years. Kudos to Devon for recognizing the potential and thinking that they can make it commercial. My late father is smiling down on this, as we await this bold new attempt to unlock these giant reserves. Good luck to all who attempt taming this giant, Clint Moore -

  2. Does anyone know what technical mistakes Encore may have made on its wells?

  3. They had many drilling and completion challenges on the first two wells. The 3rd well, the Weyerhauser #1, drilled quite well. Most believe that a 3 stage frac was not near enough. 10-13 might be required.