Tuesday, April 30, 2013

EOG Activity

EOG has permitted an offset to the Dupuy 20H-1, the 30H-1.  The permit has a measured depth of 18451' and a TVD of 11776'.  That presents a potential perfed lateral length of 6345' which will be their longest to date. It will be interesting to see the frac designs for the Paul 15H-1 and Dupuy 30H-1.

Source: SONRIS

TMS Benchmarks

With 20 completion results in, here are some current play benchmarks:

  • Long Laterals – Encana, 8932’
  • Drilling Time – EOG: 604’/day; 16907’ in 28 days
  • EOG: DHC/CC < $11.5M
  • IP: Goodrich Crosby  1300 boepd; 15/64
  • 30 Day IP – Goodrich Crosby  1137 boepd
  • Frac stages – 30; Encana Anderson 17H
  • Frac proppant: 369,000#/stage average; up to 1,000,000# per stage
  • Encana Anderson 18H-1: 110 MBOE in 9 months
  • Goodrich Crosby 12H-1: 60 MBOE in 2 months

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Monday, April 29, 2013

New TMS Units

Goodrich has applied for two additional TMS units in the updip window in Mississippi.  One of those is an offset to the Crosby 12H-1

Source: MSOGB

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Drilling Improvements

We continue to see improvements in the drill times of the TMS wells.  The Anderson 17H-3 has just reached total depth in record time.  The chart below presents all of the wells to date with the most recent five in black.

Drill Times (Source: SONRIS, MSOGB)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Emerging Shale Plays Conference - Houston

I hope to get the chance to visit with some of you next week at the Emerging Shale Plays Conference in Houston.  Myself, along with Robert Turnham from Goodrich Petroleum, will be presenting on the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale. There will be presentations on several plays.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Halcon Broadway H-1 Update

Halcon released this today:
"Halcón recently completed its first horizontal well in the TMS, the Broadway H1, in Rapides Parish, Louisiana.  This well was drilled to a TMD of 19,442 feet with 5,192 feet of effective lateral and completed with a 22 stage frac; however, the well suffered a casing failure while drilling out the plugs.  The Company is currently evaluating an attempt to re-enter the lower portion of the casing string.  Halcón is encouraged enough by the geologic characteristics of the formation and excellent shows encountered in the Broadway H1 to justify drilling an additional well near the Broadway H1 in 2013."



Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Austin Chalk Moves Northeast

An interesting twist to the Austin Chalk play has recently surfaced.  MS Onshore LLC has applied for two units and one permit to drill horizontal wells in the Austin Chalk in Adams County, Mississippi.

SEC filings relate MS Onshore LLC with Gulf of Mexico operator, Energy XXI.

This location is quite "geologically baffling" for this explorer.  Historically, in Louisiana, the Austin Chalk has been pursued along the Lower Cretaceous Shelf Edge where it is believed that the chalk is most naturally fractured.  Recent activity in Avoyelles and St. Landry Parishes by Anadarko, Atinum, Nelson, and Pryme have not yielded great results along that trend.

Energy XXI's theory might be to conduct an acid frac in the chalk where it has decent porosity.  Their acreage is quite a ways updip from where the Austin Chalk exhibits higher resistivities.

This development is exciting and will be one to watch.  With success, this could expand across quite a large area.