Thursday, October 3, 2019

Upcoming Presentations

I'll be making several presentations on the Louisiana Austin Chalk & LAMS Stack Play in October.

LAGCOE 2019 - New Orleans, LA - October 9-11, 2019

SIPES Monthly Meeting - New Orleans, LA - October 15, 2019

Energy Summit 2019 - LSU - Baton Rouge, LA - October 23, 2019

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Louisiana Austin Chalk & LAMS Stack Play Update

The activity in the Louisiana play has now shifted to the LA-WEST downdip region where Marathon and PrimeRock/New Dawn will be drilling some wells.

COP has made it official that they're exiting the play after drilling 3.5 wells in the updip portion of the LA-EAST region.  Frac heights penetrating the upper, water-saturated Austin Chalk resulted in very large volumes of water production.  It's astonishing to see them exit so quickly after investing over $300 million.  No TMS pilot holes were drilled on any of the four locations.  It's a tough Wall Street environment at the moment.  Sprint back to the "safe" Eagle Ford appears to be the strategy.

No official result has been posted on SONRIS for the Ironwood 37H-1.

They just finished redrilling the offset of the Crowell #1; On September 24, they reached a total depth of 22,500' (TVD 15,332').  They set 5 1/2" liner at 22,490'.  They spud on 8/3/19 so that represents 52 days of drilling.  That's a major success considering the pressure environment in which they are drilling and compared to their initial attempt.  The lateral length is approximately 7,100'.  The well is located just outside the southeastern limits of Masters Creek Field.

At NAPE, Prime Rock revealed that they have a shared contract on Ensign's 777 rig with Marathon.  The rig should be moving to Prime Rock's location soon in Vernon Parish (Crosby 10-1).  The well has a permitted total depth of 23,000' with a TVD of 16,200'.  This is a deep, ambitious well on the southern end of Masters Creek Field.  It will test the concepts of depletion, high pressure, and water production.

The OLP #1 well was a vertical pilot hole where conventional core was acquired.  Petroquest is seeking a partner to drill the lateral portion of the well.

Both Marathon and Equinor are acquiring 3D seismic.  In the downdip portion of the play, this is imperative due to complex geology and faulting.

Australis reports that fracture stimulation operations commenced on September 20 for their 5th and 6th TMS wells.